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Organizational Design for Effective Software Development , Problems with Matrix Organizations, Intro to Team Based Organizations, Manage the function, not the project Cross. Software Development is a simple series of repeatable steps, manageable via processes

• Good engineering, no conflicting objectives

• Reality – Software Development is a never ending series of small decisions made by everyone on the team, rooted in goals

• Ambiguity in silo vs delivery goals. Software produce by single team that works only on a single project is of significantly higher quality (less defects) . Each team member is SME with respected competencies – Each has accountabilities to team & function – Work with other teams for functional mentoring

• Goals of team are clear & delivery focused – Visual on Kanban board – Definition of Done clearly described

• Collaboration is incented & rewarded . One should make Reviews • Hiring/Firing/Career Management

• Functional Execution Quality .Potential Single-Chain Authority Problems , Team Leader(s), Standards agreed to & followed and Pull system that accommodates your team. 

Track who is able to effectively deliver, and who struggles. These are the best organizational structure for a software company.


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