Instant Messaging Marketing

Online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet.

With the help of instant messaging marketing, brands can simply send messages to the audience directly. One of the main goals of instant messaging is to allow brands to build two-way personal communication with their audience. … In case of instant messaging like WhatsApp, the response time is relatively shorter.


Now you can easily send instant messages to individual customers or a group. You can even choose to setup an automated or recurring message to send to your customers at a pre-selected time. With UZ Marketing’s platform you can incorporate email marketing and text messaging marketing – covering multiple marketing channels for your business. UZ Marketing can help further target the deliverability of your messages as well. Our unique feature called SmartBlast allows you to send a single message across multiple modes of communication.

It will detect if a person has read the instant message and stop the same message from being delivered to the remaining modes of communication. For example, if the recipients are not online to receive the IM, the message will go directly to their mobile phones and email addresses (skipping IM delivery).