Digital Marketing

Digital media planning and purchasing

In our digital media planning and purchasing processes, we have an understanding of performing marketing in branding-oriented channels with our innovative structure that defines unusual performance criteria and defines campaign success based on these criteria.

With our technological infrastructure and various integrations, we follow and optimize your advertising conversions from the first click to the sales process and report them with all the details.

We believe that a successful campaign is not an inexpensive purchase, but an effective plan that is created as a result of a framework processed with statistical data and know-how from hundreds of campaigns.

Take the place you deserve among various brands and numerous projects of iFlexsoft Media.

Social Media Consultancy

What is Social Media?

Social media; It is a platform on the internet where people or brands can express themselves and express their thoughts freely to their target audience. All the reasons why it is used so much today are almost present in this definition.

The brand or person is able to appeal to their target audience on social media at a relative cost. Most importantly, he / she can freely share his / her perception, style and thoughts with people. Moreover, he can choose one or more of the social media platforms according to his own style.

Social media is completely free. The main reason why it is so preferred is that everyone can express themselves freely.

What are Social Media Ads?

They are advertising models that can be applied in many social media platforms, providing access to more people by paying a certain fee to the platform.

It is very low-cost and is free of charge until the advertising goal is achieved.

Why should we take part in social media?

Because now people are searching you on social media platforms that leave traditional media behind instead of boring websites.

To catch up to date, to increase your reputation and to increase your brand power you must take your place on social media. In short, social media management is one of the most important dynamics for your brand.

What iFlexSoft Media Does for You in Social Media?

Content Management Social media, which is constantly alive, needs proper nutrition.

We make the values ​​of your brand suitable for social media and produce creative content in this direction.

We create blog posts, videos, images and gifts and catch up on social media innovations. Moderation Our social media accounts are regularly monitored. Direct follower comments are answered instantly.

In this way, customer satisfaction is very important in terms of brand reputation.

Social Media Tracking

Even if you are not on social media, people talk about your brand on social media! Or even if you are on social media, they may not contact you directly. This can grow avalanche without realizing it’s out of our control. Therefore, it is important to follow social media with appropriate programs.

iFlexsoft Media is proud to be one of the leading companies in the sector thanks to its expertise in turning crises into opportunities and its experience in social media. It enables brand pages that are structured with different content strategies to be positioned far ahead and in a different place than other companies.

“We help people to automate their business system without compromise”