Description of Features

About iFlexHRM:
iFlexHRM is a Human Resource Management Software that include HR & Payroll developed by iFlexsoft Ltd. The software completely integrated with ZkTeco Machine specially with F18 Model. When any employee punch his/her finger or RFID Card the attendance entry automatically done to iFlexHRM, so any time the software can provide real-time employee attendance record with various way like late report, absent report, full day in/out summery. No HR/IT Specialist required operating the HR department or the HR Software. Any of the regular office employees can operate the software and HR department once the HR Policy set to the software. The software capable to work with multiple devices, multiple department of multiple company or branch. The Software system can run centrally and all the devices will be installed to various locations of the world or countries. Whenever any employee punches it uploaded to the central software if the device interfaces software run on the server system. The report will be generating as per company, branch and department wise. It’s a single click solution for Payroll. At end of month by a single click it can produce salary sheet, Pay slip with calculating Employee salary as per their attendance, overtime, other earning and deductions. It’s a perfect solution to deduct the company overheads. It will protect system loss of employee man hours. It’s best suitable from Small to large scale organization running several business points or office globally.

Technical Specification of iFlexHRM:
1. System Environment: Windows any version from Windows xp Sp3 to Upgrade.
2. Database: MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014
3. Software Interface: Desktop, Web Interface coming Soon.
4. Device: ZkTeco F18 for Fully automated, Other brand also can be Integrated.
5. Mode of Attendance Entry:
a. Finger
b. RFID Card
c. PIN
d. Software Manual Entry

1. Setup
  1. Department Setup
  2. Employee Type
  3. Department List
  4. Job Title/Designation Setup
  5. Holiday Entry
  6. Holidays/Weekends
  7. Pay Grade Setup
  8. Pay Grade List
  9. Earn Head Setup
  10. Earn Head List
2. Personal
  1. Add Employee
    1. Official Information
    2. Personal Information
    3. Address
    4. Nominee
    5. Academic Qualification
    6. Experience
    7. Professional Training
    8. ID Proof
    9. Photo & Signature
  2. Employee List
  3. Increment
  4. Employee Details
3. Leave Management
  1. Leave Application
  2. Leave Application List
  3. Employee Leave History
  4. Employee Leave Statistics
  5. Payable/Non Payable Leave
  6. Leave Approval
  7. Leave Balance
4. Time Attendance
  1. Rota
  2. Attendance Entry
  3. Attendance List
  4. Employee Attendance Summery
  5. Device Data Collection
  6. Scheduling
  7. Attendance Bonus
  8. Late/Absent/Overtime/Early Out
  9. Over time Break
5. Payroll
6. Performance
7. Loan Mgt.
8. P.F. Mgt.
9. Reports
10. User A/C